With the Mobile Application, you can easily manage your workflow processes by instantly viewing your order transactions on your mobile device. Instant sharing of loading and unloading processes by drivers via mobile application increases the efficiency of transportation processes.

Load Optimization

In supply chain management, instantly detecting the weakest link in the chain and eliminating the weakness It is critical for logistics performance.

Logistics speed will also increase the efficiency of logistics operations by optimizing loading capacity. Transportation is one of the most important items in terms of cost in logistics processes. For this reason, minimizing the empty load ratio of vehicles used in transportation will make a significant contribution to reducing logistics costs.

In logistics planning, it is important to benefit from decision support systems in vehicle and load suitability planning. With load optimization, improvements are achieved in the following operations that cause operational time loss and cost during the planning process.

Route Optimization

Route optimization is a system that allows costing to be determined by determining all planned points for the positions of a vehicle with various algorithms, creating the most suitable route in line with the determined criteria, and knowing in advance the km that the vehicle will travel on the created route.

Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse optimization is a system in which warehouse workflows are optimized, such as efficient use of the workforce available in the warehouse, correct placement of product stocks in the warehouse, and improvement of product demand planning, within the scope of supply chain management. Warehouse optimization provides advantages in operational activities in the following areas.

Optimization Results

In today's competitive business world, learning, planning and implementing change is seen as the most important priority for the long-term survival and success of a business.

For this reason, businesses must measure their operating performance and improve their operating processes within the framework of continuous improvement.

Optimizations will accelerate the decision-making, goal-setting, planning and control processes of managers as they will clarify the forward-looking plans of the business.

High Efficiency

Optimization ensures high efficiency through planning of operational processes, effective use of existing resources, process control and coordinated communication.


Making the best and right decisions quickly in planning provides a great advantage by increasing corporate performance and reducing penalties, losses and delays.


Logistics processes also ensure optimum cost planning by determining and planning the current capacity, preventing extra costs that may occur during planning activities.

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