What is Lojisoft?

Lojisoft is a web-based software with high sectoral capability, especially in the logistics sector.

Lojisoft is a new generation platform application with high technology that can respond to all sectors in the fields of Transportation, Maritime, Communication and Information Technologies.

Thanks to its parametric and modular structure, Lojisoft creates added value with the high technological efficiency it provides to its customers in the realization of solution-oriented and sustainable projects in different business branches.

Central Data

Secure, Backup (Istanbul, Berlin and Amsterdam Data Centers)

Fast Database

NoSql Database (MongoDB) is the only one among Logistics Software.

It is not a package program

It is a parametric and customizable platform.

Flexible and User-Friendly

Adapts to workflow

Fast Support, Experienced Staff

Lojisoft support lines, Fast response

Broad Authorization

Authorization not only on a screen basis but also on an area basis

The First Cloud System in Logistics Software

Access anytime, anywhere.

Quick Adaptation

Fast project transitions and training service

Sectoral Capabilities

Lojisoft has never adhered to traditional software development models and technologies since its R&D processes. For this reason, it is different from traditional package programs that are developed with a specific framework based on limited Know-How.

Lojisoft architecture has been designed to be open to development, expansion and communication on the basis of platform application. As a result of all these studies, it has found the opportunity to be used in a wide range of sectors with its easy and fast implementation skills.

Lojisoft is a new generation platform web application developed entirely by DOA BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş. teams, and R&D studies continue even though it is released as a product.

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