Logistics Mobile Application is for the logistics industry thanks to our advanced mobile
technology. offers special comprehensive software solutions.

With the Mobile Application, you can easily manage your workflow processes by instantly viewing your order transactions on your mobile device. Instant sharing of loading and unloading processes by drivers via mobile application increases the efficiency of transportation processes.

By instantly displaying the location information of the vehicles assigned to the job, delivery can be carried out in the optimum time, and cost control is provided by determining the vehicle route if desired.


With the Mobile Application, it is possible to view the delivery notes for the positions and to instantly control the completion of the transactions by obtaining a digital signature.

You can manage your vehicle and driver expenses within the application and instantly check reports regarding personnel performance.

Mobile Application Advantages

Information exchange, in other words integrations, is extremely important in increasing supply chain performance and in helping managers make the right decisions.

Manage your entire business process easily
with logistics cloud solutions

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