Warehouse Management Module

LOJISOFT’s Warehouse Management Module provides a comprehensive management system so that you can deliver your products at the right time and completely by ensuring the efficient use of the warehouse area thanks to the algorithms it has developed in warehouse operations. Many operational activity management such as creating work orders through the system, tracking the entry and exit of the products to the warehouse, optimizing the in-warehouse areas and positioning the products on the correct shelves, and performing labeling or barcoding operations of the products are carried out. Warehouse stock movements can be displayed instantly and you can invoice at the product exits.

With LOJISOFT, you can quickly and accurately report many transactions such as stock report, order analysis report, shelf occupancy rate report, customer or supplier-based stock analysis report in the desired criteria (product, pallet, shelf, etc.).

Module Features

Thanks to LOJISOFT's parametric and user-friendly interfaces, each module in software development can work alone, or it can work with multi-module support by providing data flow within itself depending on the business model.

  • Order Transactions

  • Creating a Work Order

  • Product Tracking

  • Barcode and Label Transactions

  • Product Acceptance with Handheld Terminal

  • Damaged Product Tracking

  • Returns Processes

  • Consumable Tracking

  • Ramp Reservation

  • Product Tracking on Desired Basis

  • Profit – Loss Analysis

  • Billing Transactions

  • Reports