Automotive Transportation
In automotive transportation, subcontractors carry out operations through the LOJISOFT application in the transportation of auto-tractor projects. By using LOJISOFT Domestic Module and Mobile Field Delivery applications, order management, positioning, invoicing and POD information are sent to the center via integrated systems.
Fuel Transportation
In the Northern Iraq - Turkey crude oil transportation project, with LOJISOFT, security procedure controls and road inspection controls at the loading and unloading facilities were operated via the Mobile Inspection System, reducing the margin of error in the operation. Accelerating the controls increased the number of shipments and ensured that the inspections were carried out very quickly at every point.
Project Transportation
In project solutions realized with heavy transport companies, the processes starting from the proposal in sales activities over LOJISOFT are carried out through the system at every point until the operation is completed as a file and closed. Customers working in this field, the maintenance processes that the company tries to solve within itself, and the stock are periodically regulated and monitored with the Maintenance - Repair Module.
BOD Project
As DOA BİLGİ TECHNOLOGIES, the project, which is based on instantaneous data transfer between our team, which is the architect of the Dealer Shared Warehouse project for the first time in Turkey, and Suppliers - Logistics Suppliers - Dealers - Services - Customers, has been implemented both operationally and in software. With the project initiated in two regions in Istanbul, order integration, warehouse management, Diva order integration, warehouse shipment information, service hour information are operated simultaneously, reducing the costs of the dealers and providing faster and more precise delivery to the end user.
Fertilizer Transportation and Storage
The planning of produced, imported and exported fertilizer shipments, port discharge, transfer warehouse and shipment processes can be reported more accurately and faster thanks to the special workflows designed on LOJISOFT.
Cold Chain Transportation and Storage
Cold Chain Transportation and storage activities have been implemented for many different customers, especially in the Food and Medical sectors, with different workflows and reporting features. While shipping products in different product groups specific to the food industry, pallet optimization and route optimization are performed based on the picking information over the warehouse stock information one day before the shipment day by using LOJISOFT Decision Support Systems. LOJISOFT Decision Support Systems allow the logistics team to approve the fleet and shipment planning in the most accurate way, depending on the calculated plans.
White Goods Transportation and Storage
Domestic Transportation, Storage, Reverse Logistics, Service Management, Order Integration operations have been carried out for many years by providing consultancy, software, hardware and integration services to both direct manufacturers and the subcontractors selected by the manufacturers in the white goods transportation and storage operations of Turkey's leading white goods manufacturers.
Spare Parts Transportation and Storage
Milk-Run and standard Domestic Transportation operations are carried out successfully over the LOJISOFT system in the execution of spare parts and auto-tractor projects of Turkey's leading automotive companies. The screens where more than one operation is managed simultaneously have been changed separately by our customers for each region and operation and adapted to their needs.
Grain Transportation and Storage
In grain transportation projects, grain transportation and port unloading operations have been made smooth and faster with the integration of weighbridges within LOJİSOFT. Especially in the Mediterranean Region, grain storage operations such as silos, transfer and stocking in open and closed areas and waste calculations related to these operations are carried out automatically through the system.
Container Transportation and Storage
Maritime Line Management companies can provide domestic transportation and storage services as well as shipowner services for their own and customer's containers. In this context, all operational transactions of companies are carried out through LOJISOFT.
Mineral Transportation and Storage
With LOJISOFT, it provides direct solutions to the storage and transportation needs of mine transportation operations, while performing on-site operations specific to mining operations, special operations for construction machinery and Regulation / Ramp management. In addition, packaging and handling of products in accordance with different product groups before shipment is carried out through the system.
Cargo Project
Solutions suitable for the needs of cargo companies can be provided by using the TMS and WMS systems LOJISOFT infrastructure, together with all end-to-end software and integration requirements. Through the LOJISOFT system, macro and micro distributions of palletized transport within the country can be carried out in cargo operations.
Fleet Management
With the LOJISOFT Fleet Management Module, which is preferred by companies with a large vehicle fleet, embezzlement, spare parts, service, driver, driver fines and expense transactions in fleet management operations can be carried out through the Module. In addition to the Fleet Management Module, mobile application support is provided. Embezzlement, service, etc. through the mobile application. instant data transfer from the field is provided.
Bonded Warehouse Management
LOJISOFT Warehouse Module provides warehouse operations in Mersin, Iskenderun and Izmir branches of UMAT (Uumi Magzalar Turk A. performs through.
Licensed Warehousing
T.R. Although the Licensed Warehousing Services, which are included in the legislation of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, are implemented in a very limited way for now, they will be carried out widely in a very short time. Many companies that provide free warehousing services have started transactions for Licensed Warehousing. At this point, LOJISOFT Warehouse Module is ready for Product Specialization Exchange transactions by printing Product Bills as of the moment, in addition to its free warehousing capabilities.