Marine Forwarder And Liner Module

In the ever-expanding and developing maritime sector, the need for information technologies is constantly increasing in order to improve the service quality of companies. In turn, LOJİSOFTLOJISOFT offers comprehensive software solutions with its advanced technological infrastructure and Know-How it has accumulated from the past to the present.

LOJISOFT ,is a system where all operational processes can be managed for ship transportation companies, forwarders and agents. Starting with the offer, you can manage your booking processes, load tracking, and billing processes. With LOJISOFT Marine Forwarder and Liner Module, it is possible to integrate data by gathering all your customers and tasters on the same platform.

LOJISOFT, enables you to track your financial data while carrying out your import, export and transit transportation transactions. You can quickly and accurately report all your financial processes from income-expense and invoicing transactions to freight and demurrage calculations through the system.

Module Features

Thanks to LOJISOFT's parametric and user-friendly interfaces, each module in software development can work alone, or it can work with multi-module support by providing data flow within itself depending on the business model.

  • Reservation Tracking

  • Order Transactions

  • Bill of Lading Transactions

  • Process management

  • Container Operations

  • Complete (FCL) Load Definitions

  • Partial (LCL) Load Definitions

  • Arrival Notification

  • Summary Statement

  • Freight and Demurrage Calculations

  • Profit – Loss Analysis

  • Billing

  • Reports