International Land Transportation Module

With the LOJISOFT International Land Transport Module, you provide time and cost advantages by quickly responding to the needs of your customers while planning your operational processes. You can control and monitor your complete or partial load order transactions and all processes related to import-export operations through the system. From the agreement management menu, you can define all the agreements that you have determined in your agreements with your customers, and make the right pricing in your operational processes in the fastest way. With LOJISOFT, you can perform the desired reporting processes related to all your operational processes, and receive warning e-mails about your documents for a certain period of time.

Module Features

Thanks to LOJISOFT's parametric and user-friendly interfaces, each module in software development can work alone, or it can work with multi-module support by providing data flow within itself depending on the business model.

  • Order Transactions

  • Download Operations

  • Position Planning

  • Import and Export Transactions

  • Route Plan

  • Expedition Tracking

  • Driver and Vehicle Accounts

  • Deal Management

  • Income and Expense Items Tracking

  • Follow-up of Timed Documents

  • Freight and Demurrage Calculations

  • Billing Transactions

  • Profit – Loss Analysis

  • Reports