Information flow, in other words, integrations, are extremely important in improving Supply Chain performance and ensuring that managers make the right decisions.

LOJISOFT provides error-free data integration to businesses by using its technological infrastructure for the analysis and sharing of data in the Supply Chain.

LOJISOFT’s Supply Chain Management Platform works in integration with all other software applications used by businesses and suppliers and customers affiliated to businesses.

ERP System Integration

ERP Integration increases the capabilities of the enterprise in operational decisions by ensuring instant monitoring and monitoring of information throughout the Supply Chain.

LOJISOFT enables instant control and monitoring of business processes with accurate data exchange integrated with ERP systems. LOJISOFT seamlessly integrates with ERP systems such as SAP, LOGO, MICRO, NETSIS, MICROSOFT used by enterprises and increases the efficiency of all operational activities of the companies.

  • SAP




  • LOGO





    Car Tracking Integrations

    With Vehicle Tracking Integrations, you achieve high efficiency in your operational processes by preventing human errors thanks to fast and accurate data transfer.

    You can view the historical movements of your vehicles by processing the flight information from LOJISOFT, Vehicle Tracking System. You can get the desired reports by conducting driver performance evaluations through the system. LOJISOFT’s Vehicle Tracking integrations save time and fuel by increasing the transportation and distribution capacities of the companies.






      Fuel Integrations

      You can control your fuel costs by processing data from the fuel supplier system that you have contracted with Fuel Integration quickly and accurately.

      LOJISOFT, allows you to view fuel purchases instantly, while allowing you to receive fast and error-free reports on the desired criteria for the fuel purchased.

      • OPET

      • SHELL


      • BP

        Bank Integrations

        Bank Integrations ensure that instant data from the banks you work with are automatically processed by the system and all bank transactions are controlled and reported without any errors.

        • GARANTİ

        • YAPI KREDİ

        • İŞ BANKASI


          Accounting Integration

          Accounting Integration provides fast and secure data exchange by integrating through 3rd party software such as LOGO, MICRO, SAP, ORACLE etc. used within your company.

          Collection and invoicing transactions carried out with LOJISOFT Pre-Accounting module can be transferred to accounting programs instantly. The system allows integration with certain integrators, such as E-INVOICE, E-ARCHIVE, etc. It also supports Income Administration’s Information applications.

          • LOGO

          • MİCRO

          • ETA

          • PARAŞÜT

          • BEYANNAME

          • E-FATURA

          • E-ARŞİV

          • ZİRVE

          • ORKA

          • LUCA

            SMS Integration

            SMS Integration works in an integrated way with the API, enabling automatic delivery of services such as order information, vehicle movements, cargo notification, etc.

            The system ensures the use of all shipments and POD data transfers made with customers and the accurate reporting of this data.