Cargo Module

It covers the entire program that will enable the execution, monitoring and reporting of a cargo company's cargo operations from a single center. Temporary and indefinite contracts, which are used in breakdowns such as subcontractors, suppliers, agents, customers, carried out on the entire platform, are managed centrally and are used for transactions such as price finding, price revision and reconciliation when necessary.

It is the whole structure in which planned and unplanned audits can be organized and mystery shopper scenarios can be created within the hierarchical structure determined within the group. An audit scenario is created with random access from the defined control steps. This scenario is assigned to a random access controller. Findings and findings made after the audit are entered into the system and audit reports are generated.

At this stage, Algorobot (algorithmic calculation methods), specially developed for Lojisoft, manages the necessary adjustments and iterations so that random operations are not repetitive and error-prone. If desired, each random process can be intervened manually. Reporting of marketing and sales activities, customer interviews, potential customer follow-up, CRM management, recording of marketing activities, answering incoming calls to the call center, complaint management, call performance and reporting.

Module Features

Thanks to LOJISOFT's parametric and user-friendly interfaces, each module in software development can work alone, or it can work with multi-module support by providing data flow within itself depending on the business model.

  • Cargo Contract Management Module

  • Cargo Internal Control and Branch Audit Module

  • Cargo Marketing Sales and Customer Service Module

  • Operations Management (Headquarters, Branch and Agency etc.)

  • Cargo B2B and B2C Management Module

  • Short Message Integration

  • Official Accounting Integration

  • Customer and Marketplace Integration (Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Amazon, N11 and many Marketplaces)

  • Cargo Mobile Courier Application (IOS and Android)

  • Cargo Mobile Internal Control and Branch Audit Application (IOS and Android)

  • Cargo Mobile Customer Application (IOS and Android)